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  • A look at the Legal Ethics landscape in Dubai, the DIFC, Singapore and the UK.

    The practice of law requires interaction with many stakeholders at different levels. Understanding the ethical considerations involved in the effective management of these relationships is key to being a successful lawyer since technical skills alone are not sufficient to excel as a legal consultant or to properly navigate the sometimes complex working environment.

  • Course Overview: Providing an overview of the employment cycle in the Dubai International Financial Centre plus practical case studies.
    Course coverage: Articles governing employment relationship in the DIFC. The main points would be:
    • Introduction to DIFC Employment Law
    • Jurisdiction
    • Relevant legislations
    • General obligations
    • Recruitment in the DIFC
    • Atypical employees
    • Family friendly rights
    • DEWS
    • Discrimination
    • Termination
    • General provisions

  • We all have mental health. And yet many people cannot recognise the signs and symptoms of mental ill health, or how to support someone who is unwell or in an emergency situation. Promoting mental health in the legal profession training is an accredited, evidence-based training course that provides the knowledge, skills and confidence to support family, friends or co-workers who experience mental health difficulties or in an emergency, such as being suicidal.

  • 08/06/2022

    Customs Law

  • This course will discuss the protection of flyers in aviation law.

    The course contains:

    Air Consumer Protection in International Conventions
    * Prior to the Montreal Convention 1999
    * Under the Warsaw Agreement of 1929
    * The Hague Convention 1955
    Guatemala City Agreement 1971
    * Montreal Protocols
    In accordance with the provisions of international conventions and organizations.
    * In accordance with the provisions of international agreements
    * In accordance with the provisions of international organizations.

  • The current nature of work – team oriented, project based, technology enabled, dispersed locations, working from home – emphasizes the need for people to be aligned and working in harmony. How is your firm’s culture facilitating inclusion and engagement, to drive performance?

    Join this session to:

    • Learn how to foster “everyday inclusion” across the firm
    • Explore the link between organizational culture and employee engagement, and how to foster engagement
    • Learn about biases and mindsets that get us “stuck”, and those that help bring us together
    • Understand the role of Purpose and empathy in facilitating the required emotion transitions when coming back together, from a neuroscience and emotional intelligence perspective
  • A great employee experience is the result of people who are able to come together and help each other out, offer support, and collaborate in meaningful, productive ways. It determines how employees think and feel during the critical touchpoints with the firm – so important in a post-Covid workplace as we find, and adjust to, a “new normal”.

    Join this session to learn tips about how to bring people together to achieve a favorable employee experience – EX – through exploring:

    • Our need for psychological safety and connection
    • How to minimize Human Debt (missed opportunities to connect with employees)
    • And how to use key emotional intelligence skills that create connection and support a great, and productive, EX


  • Updated and revised from the original content –

    In this session, we will:

    • study the key legal and commercial considerations of a specific type of commercial contracts i.e. commercial agencies, distribution and franchise arrangements; and

    • consider the provisions of the UAE Competition Law and related legislation, including its impact on commercial agency and other commercial relationships.

    The session will include the following:

    Part I: an overview of the legal framework of commercial agencies, distribution and franchise arrangements under the Commercial Agencies Law, the Commercial Transaction Code and the Civil Code.

    Part II: common provisions contained in commercial agency, distribution and franchise agreements, against the requirements of UAE legislation and jurisprudence (including non-compete provisions, interest, jurisdiction, governing law, confidentiality and termination).

    Part III: the scope and application of the new UAE Competition Law, its implementing regulations and other related laws, including acts likely to be prohibited under the Competition Law and notification requirements.