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About CLPD

With effect from November 1st, 2015, all Legal Consultants registered on the Department’s roll in the category of practising Legal Consultants must seek to satisfy the CLPD requirements in accordance with the bylaws, resolutions, and instructions regulating the CLPD Programme.

CLPD Requirements for Legal Consultants

Each Legal Consultant registered on the roll in the category of practicing Legal Consultants will be required to obtain sixteen (16) CLPD points on a yearly basis, as follows:

  • Eight (8) of those points at least must be obtained by completing the Mandatory CLPD Activities. To obtain those points, Legal Consultants are required to attend four (4) training courses set by the Department, with each course lasting for two (2) hours.
  • Eight (8) points shall be obtained from the Accredited CLPD Activities selected by Legal Consultants from among the Department’s accredited activities, in so far as one accredited activity shall be no more than four (4) points.

Any Legal Consultant registered with the Dispute Resolution Authority of the DIFC, will need to complete two (2) additional mandatory points  which will be subtracted from the accredited eight (8) points which will decrease the number of accredited points required from such activities to six (6) points but increase the mandatory number of points to ten (10).

Mandatory CLPD Requirements

Each year, the Department will set mandatory courses and their corresponding training hours for Legal Consultants (Mandatory CLPD Points).

The Department will annually develop the Mandatory Activities in accordance with the demands and requirements of the legal work in the United Arab Emirates in general and Dubai in particular.

Accredited CLPD Requirements

In addition to the Mandatory Activities, other accredited training activities shall be set by the Department. Legal Consultants will choose which accredited activities to attend during the filing period (one year) in order to complete accredited CLPD points.

CLPD Filing Period

The annual filing period will commence from January up to end of December each year.