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New For 2021


Legal Update Podcasts

This year the Legal Affairs Department will be introducing the Legal Update Podcasts. Each Podcast will be broken into four parts released quarterly. Each section will be approximately 30 minutes long and have approximately five accompanying questions that must also be completed. All 4 legal update podcasts will constitute one CLPD mandatory course of 2 CLPD points and each part will need to be completed as it is released.    

Podcast 1
Part 1 Release First Quarter 2021
Part 2 Released Second Quarter 2021
Podcast 2
Part 1 Released Third Quarter 2021
Part 2 Released Fourth Quarter 2021


This years the CLPD Programme will introduce the Legal Affairs Department Certificates.

The courses of the Certificates will be completed over a number of years as both mandatory and accredited points. There is no time limit or order in which the courses may be completed, however, to receive a certificate of completion all courses must be completed. The first Legal Affairs Department Certificate that will be released will be the Legal Project Management Certificate to be follow by two other Certificates in 2021. The introduction to Legal Project Management is now live as a technical course.   Should you have any questions, please do call or email our customer service team at or call +971 4 405 6817/ +971 4 405 6935.  



Legal Ethics in a post-Covid world

What impact has Covid, and the changing working environment, had on lawyers' ethical duties? Can clients opt out of the protection legal ethics provide to them? To what extent does a lawyer have an ethical duty to use the latest technology? To what extent does a law firm have an ethical duty to be good value for money

This and many more questions like them will be part of this course, which examines the nature of legal ethics, reflects on the draft Code of Conduct under consideration in Dubai and then explores how new working practices intersect, and occasionally conflict, with traditional legal ethics.


Legal consultants are required to complete a minimum of one course from each of the three pathways, and then will have the choice of completing a fourth course from either the legal or technical skills pathways. This way they complete four Mandatory courses and attain the required minimum of eight hours mandatory CLPD. As per the ethos of the project we are consistently evolving to bring new practical courses. We will also be running year one, two and three courses for those that did not have the opportunity to previously complete these courses. If you have completed a course in Year 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 you WILL NOT be given CLPD points for repeating the same course. To learn more about workshop sessions please click HERE.

This year’s courses will include:  

Legal Skills

  • Legal Update Podcast
  • UAE and DIFC Employment Law - An update
  • Financial Regulation in the UAE
  • Commercial Law – an update

Technical Skills

  • An Introduction to Legal Project Management

In addition, further courses will be designed and released throughout the year to allow the CLPD programme to meet the constantly evolving legal framework of the Emirate of Dubai.


  • Legal Ethics in a post-Covid world


Further to the Directive from the Ministry of Education laid down in March 2020 that all training facilities must be closed, the Legal Affairs Department transferred all training to Webex. Whilst the training centre is now open, the sessions are being held via Webex until further notice. All scheduled sessions will proceed at their designated date and time, live via an online portal rather than at the centre.  


The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department is proud to introduce Year 6 of the Continuing Legal Professional Development Programme for legal consultants who are registered on the practicing roll of legal consultants in the Emirate of Dubai. The Department continues in its aim to provide a world-class learning environment to enable legal consultants to meet the ever-evolving requirements of their clients.   Each legal consultant registered on the roll in the category of practicing legal consultants will still be required to obtain sixteen (16) CLPD points on a yearly basis. Eight (8) of those points at least must be obtained by completing the Mandatory CLPD Activities of which 2 must be Ethics. Eight (8) points shall be obtained from the Accredited CLPD Activities selected by legal consultants from among the Department’s accredited activities, in so far as one accredited activity shall be no more than four (4) points

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