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For any further enquiries, please go to Contact Us page and e-mail the Department's CLPD Affairs Committee.

Scope of Application

A1. If you are a Legal Consultant registered on the Department’s roll in the category of practising Legal Consultants, then the CLPD Regulations apply to you. If you are a Legal Consultant registered on the Department’s roll in the non-practising category, then the CLPD Regulations do not apply to you. The CLPD Regulations do not apply to the Legal Consultants employed by government entities, agencies or companies and other entities which do not provide legal services to the public.
A2. You can know the course schedules by visiting the course schedule portal (calendar) on this website.
A3. Payments can be made for participation in Mandatory Activities online by purchasing credits or via bank transfer. As for Accredited Activities, please check with their provider.
A4. The CLPD registration payment fee is made to the CLPD Activity provider.
A5. Yes. You will not be allowed to attend a course without paying for that course in advance. If you are experiencing difficulty in using the online payment method, please contact one of the customer service agents on +971 4 3533337 or send an e-mail to
A6. Completion of the CLPD requirements can improve your skill and working experience, which will in turn advance the level of legal services and ensure continued public confidence in the profession and its practitioners.
A7. These are the eight (8) Points of the Mandatory training courses that cover core subjects and must be completed by a Legal Consultant during the filing period.
A8. The Department has selected specific Advocacy and Legal Consultancy Firms located in Dubai as Accredited CLPD Course Providers to work alongside internationally recognised training companies to provide the Mandatory Courses. In selecting these Advocacy and Legal Consultancy Firms, the Department has relied on the unique experiences and knowledge of those firms. All of these courses will be provided by instructors experienced in the legal subject matter of each respective course, which will result in a CLPD Programme with a consistent standard of excellence.
A9. Yes. Each Legal Consultant is required to complete the mandated CLPD Programme of the Department. However, if your home jurisdiction is recognised as a provider of CLPD in accordance with the curriculum approved by the Department, then you can get use of the courses attended in your home jurisdiction, that will be counted at a maximum of two (2) points towards your non-mandatory CLPD Accredited Points.
A10. Yes. The ethos of the Department is that Mandatory Courses will develop and change each filing period to reflect the needs of the profession and the legal work in the Emirate.
A11. Yes, you may carry over a maximum of two (2) points to count towards (non-mandatory) Accredited Points for the subsequent filing period.
A12. A Legal Consultant will be registered in the courses provided by CLPD course provided approved by the Department. The CLPD Affairs Committee of the Department will ensure compliance with certain requirements by course providers before they are granted accreditation. It is important for the Legal Consultant to check with the CLPD Activity provider is accredited by the Department. If a provider is not accredited, no CLPD Points will be given for that Legal Consultant. For a full list of accredited providers, please click here.
A13. There is only a limited amount of CLPD courses in a given filing period. The Legal Consultant must register in such courses. Otherwise, his registration may be subject to non-renewal, which will consequently prevent him from practising the profession in the Emirate of Dubai.
A14. Yes, as per the corresponding procedures set by the Department. Amendments will be made on a case by case basis through the CLPD Affairs Committee.
A15. Yes, this can be arranged through the web portal. (Register) For more details please call the Department on +971 4 3533337
A16. Each Legal Consultant must maintain a complete record of all the CLPD courses he has undertaken in each filing period. The Legal Consultant must also complete, sign and file his CLPD Record with the Department within thirty (30) days from the lapse of the filing period, in accordance with the relevant procedures prescribed by the Department.
A17. If the Legal Consultant failed to file his CLPD Record, the CLPD Affairs Committee will send him a notice to that end. In the event of continued non-compliance, the Legal Consultant shall be subject to non-renewal of his Registration and the provisions prescribed for in the Executive Council Resolution No. (22) of 2011 Concerning Fees and Fines Prescribed for the Advocacy and Legal Consultancy Profession in the Emirate of Dubai.
A18. No, the Legal Consultant will not be able to renew his Registration with the Department in the event he did not complete the CLPD Requirements within the filing period. The Legal Consultant will also be subject to the provision prescribed for in Executive Council Resolution No. 22 of 2011 concerning Fees and Fines for the Advocacy and Legal Consultancy Profession in the Emirate of Dubai.
A19. The "focus" sessions have been designed as a moderated discussion session to look in further detail into a specific element of the subject of a mandatory activities, the sessions are aimed at Legal Consultants who have extensive experience in the subject matter or who have already undertaken the relevant overview course.
A20. Block Session is the ability to book a course for a group of legal consultants from one law firm or more.
A21. 1. Can be booked any day of the week except Friday 2. Between 9:00AM to 6:00PM. 3. Minimum of 16 and maximum of 40 attendees per session. 4. More than one course could be booked per day. 5. All bookings are subject to the availability of the trainer and Training Centre. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details and bookings:


A1. For purposes of audit to be conducted by the Department, each Legal Consultant is required to keep the CLPD Record and documentation for three (3) years after each filing period. The documentation you maintain should consist of the following: proof of registration for the CLPD Activity; and confirmation of your attendance by the CLPD Activity provider of e.g. a certificate of completion or attendance.
A2. The Department may review CLPD Records at any time for a period of up to three (3) years after each filing period. The Department will give a Legal Consultant fifteen (15) calendar days from the notice of the audit, within which the Legal Consultant must produce all data and documentation evidencing completion of CLDP Requirements.
A3. If a Legal Consultant fails to comply with the audit requirements or, if an audit reveals that a Legal Consultant did not comply with the CLPD Requirements, the Legal Consultant will be subject to Executive Council Resolution No. (22) of 2011 Concerning Fees and Fines Prescribed for the Advocacy and Legal Consultancy.
A4. 1- financial fines; 2- Suspension from practising for a period of up to one (1) year; and 3- Striking off the roll. The Department shall have the right to not renew the registration of any Legal Consultant who does not comply with the CLPD requirements. A grievance against such penalties can be submitted as prescribed in Executive Council Resolution No. (22) of 2011 Concerning Fees and Fines Prescribed for the Advocacy and Legal Consultancy in the Emirate of Dubai, bylaws and resolutions issued by the Department.
A5. Legal Consultants who do not have an academic degree in Law from the UAE, and who are registered on the Roll to practise the profession in the Emirate of Dubai for the first time, must - within twelve (12) months of their initial registration with the Department – obtain twenty four (24) CLPD Points and must pass any tests set by the Department. The Department will determine a commencement date for such requirements, based on the information which will be issued by the Department soon.
A6. Yes, Legal Consultants can earn one (1) Accredited CLPD Point for every twelve (12) pro bono appointments completed through the Department’s Voluntary Legal Services Smart Portal, up to a maximum of four (4) Accredited CLPD Points for a Filing Period. To access the Portal, please click HERE.