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  • ​Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department received a delegation from Abu Dhabi Judicial Department’s Government Affairs Department Headed by Advisor/ Hussain Hamza Al Dwilah in the presence of Advisor/ Salah Jassim Bin Kalban Head of Government Disputes and Claims Directorate and other advisors from the Directorate.

    The visit aims to boost the existing mutual cooperation and enhance the exchange of expertise.

    The delegation was briefed about the tasks and competences of the Legal Affairs Department by virtue of its establishing law. The meeting shed light on the stages and procedures followed by the Legal Affairs Department with regard to the complaints and claims lodged against Government Entities in the Emirate of Dubai. The procedure involves receiving complaints, notifying the entity of the claim in order to elicit their response, and subsequently studying all claims thoroughly. The meeting also emphasised the efforts made by the Legal Affairs Department to settle the dispute amicably before the complainant can resort to court.

    The delegation was also given thorough explanation of the efforts made by the Legal Affairs Department in tackling the claims to which the Government entities are a party, and in coordinating with those entities throughout the stages of litigation to ensure that the interests of the Government are best protected.

    At the end of the meeting, the two sides stressed on the importance of continuing communication and cooperation for the benefit of the public interest.

  • On September 1​0th 2015, The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs department has issued four amended bylaws concerning the registration of Advocates and Legal Consultants and the licensing of the Advocacy and Legal Consultancy Firms. The bylaws take effect from November 1st 2015.

    The Advocates and Legal Consultant’s registration bylaws will regulate the requirements and procedures for registration, renewal of registration, re-registration and transfer between categories of the roll. The advocacy and legal consultancy firms’ bylaws shall regulate legal forms of firms and the requirements for licensing and renewal. The bylaws set out the obligations that firms and their managing partners, in addition to the process for temporary and permanent cessation of legal services. The bylaws shall collectively also regulate the grievance procedure regarding decisions issued by the Department in this regard.

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