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Intl. Commercial Arbitration and Drafting Valid Arbitration Agreements

LocationOnline via Webex Application

***Counts towards the certificate in International Commercial Arbitration***

The course will be delivered by experienced senior lecturers from the University of East Anglia.


Target Audience: Lawyers, in house lawyers, policy makers, and judges

Description: The course outlines the key foundational principles of international commercial arbitration, such as the extent of autonomy theory and validity of arbitration agreement. The course covers in some detail the importance of having a well drafted arbitration agreement, and how this potentially affects its validity.

Areas Covered:

  • Understanding the nature and the foundation of arbitration
  • Understanding the role of party autonomy in arbitration
  • Understanding the key components of a valid arbitration agreement, and drafting an enforceable/binding arbitration agreement
  • Identifying situations which could affect the validity of the arbitration agreement, and how these are addressed under international practice.
  • Understanding the new UAE Federal Law No.6 on Arbitration 2018 (Arbitration Law) in relation to drafting valid arbitration agreements

The courses are delivered either by Dr Youseph Farah or Dr Hakeem Seriki.