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The Importance of Coaching in the Workplace E-learning Course


Using the GROW Model to Coach 1
In this module you will learn how to establish a sound coaching relationship using the ‘Grow’ model strategy. You will learn how to establish good coaching goals with the person you’re coaching and how you can help them commit to a plan to improve.

Using the GROW Model to Coach 2
Following on from the first module you will see how to use the GROW model to maintain momentum through the coaching process: understand how to overcome limiting beliefs and acknowledge success.

Coaching Skills
Coaching has become an essential ingredient of leadership required to produce the best teams in the workplace. Only a great leader can be a great coach! This module is designed to help managers and leaders achieve great results through effective coaching skills. You will differentiate between learner and coach centered techniques. Learner centered behaviours “pull” the process forward – showing understanding, drawing out through questioning, helping the learner work out their own solutions, asking the learner for feedback and coach centred behaviours “push” the process forward – giving advice, sharing experiences, giving feedback, stating expectations.

Positive Mental Health Awareness
Without help and support, people with mental health problems can struggle at work. Depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders have been proved to affect 2/3 of us at least once in our lifetime.

With so many Law Firms introducing ‘Wellness’ campaigns, this module supports those who are committed to an environment and working conditions that promote positive mental health and well-being at work. It is also serves as a useful reminder to anyone in the workplace to stay alert to potential problems and help others as well as be aware of their own needs. This module will help you spot “red flags” – the signs of any mental health problems – and what you can do to support your colleagues if they are struggling to cope at work.


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