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The Electronic Contract E-Learning (Arabic Language)


Course Description:

This training course focuses on the electronic contract, which today is one of the most important issues for discussion and one of the sensitive topics that occupies the forefront of the legal field, especially with the crisis posed by the Corona Virus, as these contracts are adopted more and more because the parties are not able to meet in one place to negotiate and sign them.

The UAE has long started relying on e-business and e-commerce as a framework for dealing in the markets in which it does business. A federal law on transactions and electronic commerce was issued in the UAE in 2006. In Dubai, in order to steer the Emirate’s in adopting modern technology in transactions and commercial transactions, Law No. 2 on transactions and electronic commerce was issued in 2002.

Areas Covered:

In light of the evident problems posed by the electronic contract through the Internet, and the related identification of the ability to recognize electronic documents and electronic signature, we will deal with the subject of the electronic contract in the United Arab Emirates in two parts:

In the first section, we will define the electronic contract and its characteristics before touching upon the questions of affirmative and acceptance within the framework of the electronic contract and what distinguishes them from the affirmative and acceptance in standard contract.

In the second section, since the contract concluded through the internet is based on exchanging data electronically on non-paper supports inside or outside the communication devices and signing them from those who send the electronic message by electronic signature, we will define the concept of electronic signature and its role in proving electronic contract.