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Workplace Vitality for Sustained Performance

LocationAl Hudaiba Awards Building, Block C, M Floor

The latest emotional intelligence research about Workplace Vitality focuses on what sets apart the highest performing teams, pre- and post- pandemic. Some of the results are surprising. Teams that experience genuine joy, trust each other, and celebrate each other’s successes do best. These elements are not “nice to have” – they are highly predictive of team performance, and even more so in stressful and uncertain times. And they are enabled by using the emotional intelligence skills that we all possess.

    • Join this session to explore and learn:

      • the facts of the research findings (the Science)
      • a practical yet highly actionable Vitality Signs model that measures high performance
      • how using the Drivers of the Vitality Signs model and our emotional intelligence skills enables and sustains these elements of high performance in the workplace (the Art)