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Collaboration in a Changing Workplace

LocationAl Hudaiba Awards Building, Block C, M Floor

*Please note that this course was previously titled ‘Teaming: Collaboration for Higher Performance’.

‘Teamwork makes the dream work’. How many times have you heard that!  But what makes the team work?  Research shows that today’s employees, at all levels, spend 50% more time collaborating than they did 20 years ago. As firms strive to meet the demands, challenges and opportunities of their ever-changing landscape they are embracing a team approach to service and performance.

Join the conversation to learn about team orientation, and how to achieve it

  • explore “teaming” – the art of communication and coordinating people in knowledge intensive and culturally diverse environments
  • learn the necessary ingredients to achieve teaming and collaboration – psychological safety and a learning mindset
  • understand your role as a team member, or a leader of a team, department or firm in creating powerful teaming
  • link emotional intelligence as a superpower in teaming