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Tax Considerations of Business Transactions AA14 (Arabic Language) (E-learning)


Tax Considerations of Business Transactions

The aim of this course is to:

Recap the basic concepts and key features of the UAE Corporate Tax (CT) Law;
Examine the relevant CT exemptions and reliefs as described in the UAE CT Law in detail;
Consider the order of approach in applying any relevant CT exemptions and reliefs;
Consider the criteria of the published exemptions and reliefs and how they may be applicable to categories of businesses and certain business transactions;
Consider business activities and transactions from a broader tax risk management perspective including:
documentary requirements for demonstrating that the criteria for exemptions and relief is met;
the Arm’s Length Principle and Transfer Pricing concepts (including documentary evidence);
The potential applicability for tax reliefs to be clawed back;
Applicability of the General Anti-Abuse Rule and tax best practice principles.
Enable attendees to identify how these concepts are interconnected, appreciate the goal of a public/private balance for taxation, and how to spot ‘red flag’ issues.