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Soft Skills for Leaders E-learning Course


Decision Making: Options to Implementation
Evaluating options requires an analytic approach. This course will help you to develop useful and consistent criteria for your evaluation process and how to put together a realistic implementation plan. You will see how to systematically examine arguments for and against particular options, avoiding the most common pitfalls, and how to help a group reach a consensus.

Solving Problems: Definition to Options
When you are trying to define a problem, your mindset is in a ‘Detective’ mode, looking for clues and motives. This course helps you analyse the current situation and identify the root causes of the problem. You will use 4 key principles of ide generation to explore ways in which you can generate creative and innovative solutions and understand some tricks involved in choosing what to fix first.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Learn how to frame feedback constructively and use it to develop individuals and improve performance, motivation and engagement. You will identify constructive and negative feedback and understand the impact of each while also learning how to approach receiving feedback in a calm and positive manner.


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