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Psychological Resilience: Developing Skills to Thrive in the Workplace

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The complexity and challenges facing organisations during this global health crisis, resilience skills are no longer desirable – they are crucial.

Regardless of stature or position, everyone has been impacted by COVID-19. In response, we are offering an evidence-based and practical resilience toolkit to support individuals, and organisations thrive during this uncertain time.

This course is designed to guide delegates on how to build resilience skills to empower their lives and careers. Having a high level of professional and emotional resilience enables individuals thrive in the face of stressful situations at work, and in life in general.

This offering is a proactive measure for organisations wishing to empower their teams by navigating identified psychological hurdles individuals will face, and providing them capabilities, skills, and self-care practices that contribute to building resilience.

• Identify mental, emotional and physical strengths and risks
• Learn about resilience and how to respond to challenging situations
• Understand the importance of lifestyle and daily rhythm
• Stay calm, rest and rejuvenate
• Reduce distractions, improve focus and stay present
• Make the most of the remote working experience (where applicable)
• Identify the six domains of resilience

• Identify your stress management and resilience with strategies to develop resilience in yourself and others.
• Examine your experience of emotions to improve well-being and organisational effectiveness.
• Explore why you feel the way that you do in difficult situations and how your emotions impact upon your performance.
• Determine how your emotional intelligence relates to your resilience.