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Presentation Skills from Planning to Performance E-learning Course


Creating Presentation Support Materials

Avoid the pitfalls of too many slides and too much text. Make sure you keep your audience engaged by using visual support materials effectively and create visuals that enhance your message. This module will help you to recognise and avoid the features of poorly designed visuals and identify when a visual aid or other media will enhance your presentation. You will be able to create effective hand-outs to clarify your points and ensure that your notes support rather than intrude on your relationship with the audience

Planning a Powerful Presentation

Every successful and engaging presentation starts with effective planning. Learn how to set clear objectives, analyse your audience so you see things from their viewpoint, plan for the location and develop contingency plans. This module will help you to maximise the opportunities available to you. You will develop a checklist to analyse the needs, attitudes and expectations of your audience and adopt the appropriate delivery style to suit your audience, objectives and venue.

Rehearsing for your Presentation

This module helps ensure the right level of rehearsing and preparedness to develop the confidence to adapt presentations to the mood of the moment and move easily from a prepared script to make it even more interactive. You will explore your use of words and phrases for best impact as well as experimenting with speed, volume, tone and the power of the pause. Everything you need for fluent delivery.

Your Stage Presence

Improve your presentation skills and your stage presence to build an effective bridge between your content and your audience. Delivering your content through an engaging and captivating presentation requires a lot of preparation and work. This course allows delegates to know which is most important – what you say, how you say it or how you look. Find out how to use movement, gestures and body language to get your point across and get equipped with the skills needed to harness any nerves to help deliver a great presentation.


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