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Powers of Attorney and Ostensible Authority

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As a Power of Attorney (“PoA”) is considered essential to conduct business in Dubai, this course is designed as an introduction to the use and application of Powers of Attorney in UAE Law. In some cases, the Courts will acknowledge “ostensible” or “apparent” or “implied” authority, but this areas has never been clearly defined.

During this course, we will examine the legal requirements to hold a Power of Attorney (“PoA”), both in general commercial transactions and more particularly in legal proceedings, and “Special” POAs in arbitration.

We will consider the drafting of a PoA, and the requirements of the Notary in notarizing a PoA.

We will consider case law on the requirements for a PoA, and in particular cases in which the Courts have considered a company bound even when the person who bound the company did not hold a valid PoA.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions and to join in with their own experiences.

The interactive exercise will relate to a particular scenario and the participants will be encouraged to propose ways in which the scenario may be dealt with.