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Managing Fear of Uncertainty (BB15-140)

LocationOnline via webex application

• Manage fear effectively in the workplace to boost productivity and improve intrapersonal and intra-workplace relations.
• Confront fears powerfully to open new opportunities.
• To welcome and embrace change rather than fear it.
• Dealing with fear of failure and perfectionism and their hindrance to productivity
• How to approach anxiety of restructuring in a positive way

• Learning to understand the limits fear imposes in business and relationships.
• Changing the relationship to fear and how it impacts our lives.
• Achieving a more positive and motivated work environment
• Stretching comfort zones resulting in increased business efficiency
• Defining fear and its 3 levels
• Climbing the Coward to Courage ladder
• Recognizing the Imaginary vs. Actual Consequences of fear
• Learning how to mute your Chatterbox.
• Adapting your business life in accordance with the Empowering Fear Wheel
• Expanding your Comfort Zones and dealing positively with risk-taking
• Dealing with the fear of change, anxiety of restructuring and failure