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Making the Most of Business Meetings E-learning Course


Preparing to Lead a Meeting
Are you aware that there are processes and procedures required before you can lead a successful meeting?

You will learn to create clear and smart objectives for your meeting and how to prepare an engaging agenda. You will plan how to facilitate everyone’s participation and arm yourself with appropriate tools and techniques.

Leading a Meeting
To achieve a productive and successful meetings, good preparation and planning is required. Learn how to control the flow of information in your meetings, manage your time effectively and activate full participation from attendees. Leading a successful meeting includes creating an inclusive environment, generating and capturing ideas, summarizing actions and decisions and closing your agenda on time.

Resolving Meeting Challenges

Meetings sometimes don’t work out as planned. This module is designed to help meeting leaders put their meetings back on track when things go wrong.

Learn five techniques to bring your meeting back on track when you encounter a problem and how to diagnose the problem to avoid recurrence. You will also learn how to deal with low energy, participation and emotions.

Using Words and Voice Effectively
Bring your message alive by using techniques such as anecdotes, analogies and quotes to personalise your delivery to your audience. Find out how to vary your tone, pitch, pace and pauses to build emotion into your presentation and keep your audience engaged.


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