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Leverage on your EQ to negotiate with success

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  • Definition of negotiation
  • Understanding the process of negotiation (6 steps: Prep, Open discussion, Clarifying goals, Negotiating together, Agreeing, Implementing a plan)
  • Types of negotiations
    • Win-lose solution (Distributive)
    • Mutual win (Integrative)
  • Style of negotiation
    • Defeating
    • Accommodating
    • Withdrawing
    • Collaborating
    • Compromising
  • Strategies to negotiation: MDO/ BATNA/ LAA
  • Top 10 skills: the «must learn to succeed a negotiation» and the importance of practice
  • The importance of resiliency and control: where are you at?
  • How to conduct a negotiation
  • Communication: verbal and nonverbal
  • Exercises