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Legal Update Podcast (4 Parts) – AA15 (English Language)

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A brand-new addition to CLPD in the Emirate of Dubai, the Legal Affairs Department is proud to introduce the first Legal Update Podcast.

Part 1 is a discussion with Abdulla Galadari from Galadari Advocates and Legal Consultants looking at some of the most important recent changes in UAE Law.

The course covers some of the new UAE laws, legislative changes, regulatory trends, amendments, and their means of implementation in the United Arab Emirates.

The course provides an overview of recent changes and a discussion on how these will affect the UAE legal market.

The Podcast is broken into four parts, with new sections to be added in April, July & November. CLPD Points will be allocated on completion of all four parts. You must complete all sections and answer all questions to get your CLPD Points.

****Due to the most recent legal updates in the UAE, it was decided to merge the second and third podcasts. A new longer podcast will be released this month****

*Offered by Galadari Advocates and Legal Consultants (AA15)