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Leading the Multi-Generational Law Firm (Part 1)


The top 10 skills for 2022, predicted by the World Economic Forum, include “Leadership and social influence” and “Emotional Intelligence”. LinkedIn Learning’s 2020 Workplace Learning Report also identified “leadership and management” as the highest-priority soft skill training that people need in order to succeed at work.

Yet, despite the deleterious consequences of poor management, leadership skills are not often taught at school or during our professional training.

The objectives of this course is to understand the importance of leadership both from a human and financial perspective, strengthen different aspects of emotional intelligence, develop your leadership style, and learn to effectively lead your multi-generational team in an era of constant change and during a crisis.

This course is split into two parts with the following modules.

Modules for Part I of the Course:

1. Importance of Leadership Skills to Organizational Success
2. Leader vs. Manager: What’s the Difference?
3. Management Functions and Roles
4. Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles
5. Building Blocks of Leadership

Modules for Part 2 of the Course:

6. The Coaching Leader
7. Creating Psychological Safety for Innovative and Successful Teams
8. The Multi-Generational Firm
9. General Tips for Managing Diversity
10. Leadership Challenges in the Digital Age (including during a crisis)
11. The Well-Being Imperative


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