Course Details

Law GPT: The Future of Legal Practice with AI: Part 2

LocationOnline via webex application

Course Description: This session aims to empower legal professionals with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the dynamic intersection of artificial intelligence and legal practice. Participants will not only expand their understanding of AI’s role in the legal domain but will also acquire hands-on experience with AI-powered tools that are revolutionising legal processes.

Learning Objectives:
• Identify and evaluate AI-powered tools for contract analysis and review, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in legal agreements.
• Discuss and implement AI-based solutions for legal document generation, optimising the creation, organisation, and management of legal paperwork.
• Explore and harness the benefits of integrating AI in legal research and analysis for more efficient and insightful decision-making.
• Identify, assess, and address specific Intellectual Property challenges associated with AI innovations in legal practice, ensuring the protection of intellectual assets in a technology-driven legal landscape.