Course Details

Law GPT: The Future of Legal Practice with AI: Part 1

LocationOnline via webex application

Course Description: This session aims to equip legal professionals with the knowledge, competencies, and skills essential for navigating the evolving landscape of AI in the legal domain. Participants will not only comprehend the intricacies of AI in law but will also develop proficiency in leveraging AI tools to enhance legal research, analysis, and decision-making.

Learning Objectives:
• Define the concept of AI in the legal context, understanding its fundamental principles and applications specific to the legal profession.
• Evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of AI in legal processes, recognising its potential to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making while addressing inherent limitations and challenges.
• Explore real-world applications of AI in law, recognising practical implications for legal research and analysis.
• Analyse the ethical and legal considerations associated with AI integration in judicial systems, emphasising the need for responsible and ethical AI use in the legal profession.