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Tax Implications of VA & Key Enforcements on VA Landscape in the US

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Overview of Tax Implications of VA and Crypto Assets Reporting Framework (CARF)

Course description:

The fast growth of the cryptocurrency market and the adoption of virtual assets in investments have required a tax transparency compliance framework that addresses the gap left by CRS. The Crypto-Asset Reporting Framework (CARF) was developed by the OECD to complement the amended CRS guidance. This session explores the scope of the crypto-asset reporting framework, along with models for enactment and commentaries for implementation.

Learning objectives:

• Discuss the scope of CARF guidelines, its purpose, structure, contents, and application in the context of crypto asset
• Explore procedures for identifying, reporting, and exchanging crypto asset information related to certain types of financial accounts
• Explain the framework for jurisdictional purposes when developing its own guidance and regulations
• Analyse possible issues and challenges in implementing CARF as a voluntary standard in this jurisdiction

Key Enforcements on VA Landscape in the US

This session will highlight landmark cases and enforcement related to crypto and other virtual assets in the USA.

Learning objectives:

• Explain case background and parallel actions and their impacts to the future of virtual asset enforcement
• Explore different enforcement tools in pursuing criminal fraud and manipulation related to virtual assets
• Assess potential risks such as fraud and manipulation when investing in virtual assets