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Jointly owned properties: Management and governing rules


A law has been issued in 2019 (law no. 6) repealing the law no. 27 of 2007 that regulates joint ownership in the UAE and aims at boosting competitiveness and enhancing investment in the real estate sector.

In this course, we will tackle the following topics:

1) How is joint ownership constituted (registration at the real property register)?

2) What are the documents regulating the management of the joint properties?

3) What are the components of the common areas?

4) The pre-emption rights of the co-owners.

5) What are the rules governing the collective management of the common areas?

6) What are the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved with jointly owned properties in Dubai, i.e. developers, owners’ committees and facility management companies?

7) What are the new roles assigned to RERA and DED in the control of owners’ duties?

Reference will be made to Courts’ decisions related to joint ownership in the UAE.