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Introduction to the FIDIC Red Book – BB15-06

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This course is designed as a general introduction to construction and engineering contracts, and is based upon provisions of the FIDIC Red Book, with Employer’s Design. The FIDIC forms of contract are the most commonly used in the UAE, although other standard forms of contract generally contain similar provisions.

During this course, we will examine the relevant stages of a typical contract: formation of contract, performance bonds and other security, the Contract Price and payment, the Contractor’s duties in carrying out the Works, the Engineer’s duties, Variations, Taking-Over of the Works, extensions of time and delay damages, suspension and termination, claims and arbitration.

Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of the FIDIC Red Book with them.

This introductory course will be followed in the future by a more high-level course for those who are already familiar with FIDIC contracts, which will examine in detail particular clauses of the Red Book and the problems caused by them.