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Global Virtual Asset Regulation & Intro to Web 3, Blockchain

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Global Virtual Asset Regulation

Course description:

The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market and wider adoption of virtual assets necessitates a regulatory framework to be put in place by governments, this landscape is always changing and evolving with the wider usage, risks, and increasing potential illegal activities. This session will explore different trends in global virtual asset regulation and best practices that exist which can be used to guide the creation of legal frameworks that govern virtual assets.

Learning objectives:
• Discuss different virtual asset regulations around the world
• Compare and contrast global best practices and legal implications
• Analyse enacted regulations to govern virtual assets in different jurisdictions
• Recommend best regulation practices for VASPs ensuring the safety of user funds and preventing potential financial crimes

Introduction to Web 3, Blockchain and Virtual Asset

This session offers an understanding of the basic concepts of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT), its use cases, and the different types of consensus mechanisms. It also explores the concept of Web3, decentralization, and how this revolutionary idea shapes the digital economy.

Learning objectives:
• Explore basic concepts of distributed ledger technology (DLT), identify different types of consensus mechanisms, and the different use cases for blockchain technology.
• Explain the concept of Web3, which is the decentralized web, and how it is transforming the digital economy
• Differentiate how blockchain technology is being used in industries and identify benefits and challenges
• Discuss blockchain’s important role in shaping up the digital economy and its integration into existing systems