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International Sales Agreement (E-learning Course) (English Language) BB15


International sale agreements are among the most important means by which international trade is conducted and they have been recognized as ones of the most important and effective pillars in the economic life. Indeed, they have become today an indispensable phenomenon in the economic and commercial spheres as they spread in a stunning and striking way. These contracts are diversified as they govern international sale transactions that are constantly evolving.

Perhaps the most prominent characteristic of these contracts that distinguish them from other contracts is that they are not governed by a specific law, but are rather subject to the rules of international law, especially the rules of international commercial law.

The course of international sale agreements aims at providing the lawyers with an in-depth understanding of the International sale agreement, including the criteria of its qualification, parties thereto and their guarantees. The course will also deal with the conclusion of an International sale agreement, from negotiation to drafting. It will cover as well the topic of choice of law in this type of agreements in addition to the methods of resolving disputes arising out of these contracts.