Course Details

IMI-ADR Center International Accredited Mediator Training

LocationAl Hudaiba Awards Building, Block C, M Floor

This certification is in partnership with ADR center and is accredited by International Mediation Institute

This certification rewards 12 accredited points

Course code (Each code rewards 4 points): BB81-02 & BB81-03 & BB81-04 (all codes should be listed to receive all 12 points)

Course description:
The course provides participants a comprehensive understanding of mediation and the necessary skills to facilitate effective dispute resolution. Through an introduction to mediation and practical exercises, participants will explore its principles, benefits, and applications in various contexts. They will delve into conflict theories and negotiation skills to better comprehend disputes’ dynamics and develop strategies for successful mediation. The course also covers the preparation phase, equipping participants with tools to assess cases, establish a conducive environment, and manage the process, as well as parties’ expectations thereof. Participants will learn techniques to manage the mediation process effectively, facilitate open communication, and encourage collaborative problem-solving. The course emphasizes the development of mediation skills and addresses the impact of culture and ethics on the mediation process. Participants will possess the knowledge and skills required to excel as mediators and promote constructive resolution of conflicts.

This certification is offered in both Arabic and English

This is a 5 day in person training:
English- 22-23-24-29-30 April 2024
Arabic- 27-28-29 May & 3-4 June 2024