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History, the Current State of the Metaverse & its Impact on Industries

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Metaverse is a futuristic concept combining various technologies, including computer infrastructure, gaming, NFTs, DeFi, AR/VR, and the spatial web. There are more than 160 companies building metaverses, and it is estimated to be a US$13 trillion market opportunity by 2030. There is no consensus on what it is. Still, it is thought it will be immersive and persistent, combining virtual and physical worlds with its economy and value that can be earned, lent, borrowed, and extracted from the physical world. Some challenges remain, including interoperability, latency, user interface, and regulation. However, this is arguably one of the most exciting technological developments which will help create new and enhanced ways to live, shop, be entertained, seek services, and be educated. This course will explore the current state of Metaverse development and its expected impact on industries.