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Gifts under the UAE laws (Arabic Language – AED 400)

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A gift is the passing of property or a right in property to another person during the period of the lifetime of the owner, without consideration.
How does the UAE Code of Civil Transactions regulate gifts?
How are endowments and gifts regulated in the Emirate of Dubai?
What are the new laws for donations and charity funds in the UAE?
This course aims at addressing the above questions in the following manner:
1- The gift as regulated by the UAE Code of Civil Transactions:
a- What is the legal nature of a gift?
b- Characteristics of a gift.
c- Elements of a gift and conditions for the effectiveness of a gift.
d- Types of gifts and distinction from other contracts.
e- Conditions for the validity of the gift (formal and substantial).
f- Effects of a gift in relation to the donor and in relation to the donee;
g- Revocation of gifts.
h- Case studies.
2- Endowments and gifts (according to the law no. 14 of 2017):
a- Establishment and legal effects of endowments;
b- Types of endowments;
c- Conditions of endowments;
d- Revoking and modifying endowments;
e- Effects of endowments.

3- Donations and charity funds in the UAE:

The United Arab Emirates has revamped its laws relating to charitable donations and funds constitution. The new law, namely, the Federal Law no. 3 of 2021 concerning the Regulations of Fundraising and Donations aims to regulate all charity funds and imposes restrictions and stricter control measures. The course will offer an overview of the main provisions of this law.