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Environmental Impact & Climate Issues- ESG & Fundamentals of Tokenomics

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Environmental Impact & Climate Issues- ESG

Course description:

The increasing impact of climate change on our resources and ecosystems is a major issue for society. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are used to measure the performance of virtual assets in relation to their impact on the environment and climate change.

This session will explore relevant ESG criteria that allow investors to assess the sustainability of investments and identify the virtual assets that are actively addressing the impact of climate change. By rating virtual assets on ESG criteria, investors can prioritise investments that are likely to have a positive effect on the environment and regulators can also assess possible risks and environmental impacts.

Learning objectives:

• Discuss the importance of a strong ESG framework and highlight examples of a strong ESG regime globally
• Define relevant ESG criteria in relation to virtual assets
• Analyse examples of underlying technologies used to create virtual assets and their environmental impacts
• Identify ESG challenges in the virtual asset sector and recommend practical steps to deal with these factors

Fundamentals of Tokenomics

This session introduces the concept of Tokenomics, the study of the design and economics of digital tokens. It will explore topics such as token supply and demand, how it affects the blockchain ecosystem, and the potential applications of digital currency and tokenized assets in the future.

Learning objectives:

• Define tokenomics in the context of a blockchain network, its application, and benefits
• Examine how tokens are created, circulated, and managed through different mechanisms
• Explore factors that affect the demand for tokens from investors to users and other factors
• Assess the potential risks, and associated illegal activities, and analyse the compliance of the token-based system according to applicable laws and regulations of the jurisdiction