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Emotionally Intelligent Negotiations

LocationAl Hudaiba Awards Building, Block C, M Floor

To what extent do emotions impact negotiations? What are “positive” and “negative” emotions, and how do they help or hinder your negotiating success? The fact is emotion plays a positive role in decision making, creativity, and relationship building – all key factors in reaching agreement.

Research shows that using your emotional intellgiences skills – self awareness, the ability to manage patterns of behavior, and practicing empathy – to navigate through a negotiation is proven to produce superior results by building trust and enduring relationships.

Join the discussion about emotional intelligence as a negotiating skill and;

• learn the neuroscience and research about how emotional intelligence powers negotiations
• explore the anatomy of a negotiation
• explore the “core concerns” that lie at the heart of most emotional challenges
• link this learning to address these concerns and enhance your negotiation performance and outcomes