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Data Privacy In light of innovation

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Presently, we live in a digital age, experiencing the rapid and ever-expansive growth of innovation with ongoing, ever evolving technological development. Data is an integral part of this ecosystem. We explore how balance can be achieved.” Technological development further causes disruption within this volatile ecosystem.

Areas Covered:
With the worldwide introduction of various laws, regulations and best practises policies governing data and the right to privacy, there is now a greater understanding and awareness of the importance of adopting, implementing and enforcing focused data protection and privacy policies and practices. In reality, there is a great shortfall of proper compliance within the realm of data protection globally.

This course shall provide the attendees with insights on the following aspects concerning data, data protection and privacy:

1. Data and privacy;
2. Privacy by design & Privacy by default;
3. Data Governance Framework and the effective structing thereof;
4. Chief Data and Information Officers;
5. Data protection and innovation: challenges in balancing the adoption of new technologies, versus competitiveness and the need to protect personal data.