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Communication to Influence E-learning Course


Communicating to Influence
In today’s competitive work environment, strong business communication skills are essential for both individual and organisational success. This Communicating to Influence module strengthens the ability of delegates to pitch influential content face-to-face or virtually. This can determine how they are perceived, trusted and able to command a positive influence, whether presenting one-to-one or to an audience.

Attendees are equipped with the communication skills necessary to analyse how people communicate, both verbally and through body language, and how to use their own body language to communicate their message effectively. Attendees can also identify the thinking patterns of individuals to frame an idea and communicate it in ways that best suit their audience.

Influencing in Meetings

Meetings can be boring and pointless if not managed well. Effective management of meetings can be an opportunity for you and other participants to generate change that would take the organisation to the next level. You will learn how to speak in meetings to achieve results, how to influence others successfully and how to engage others in a meeting.

Influencing to Win/Win
Influencing is not just a communication skill- it is a mindset! Successful influences clarify their goals, focus their efforts on the right people and select the most appropriate influencing tactics. This module will help you to view influencing as a process, not an action. You will use 4 different approaches to getting your ideas across according to the circumstances and generate win/win outcomes.


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