Course Details

Chat GPT: How to make it a useful tool (BB15-139)


Unlock the power of artificial intelligence with “ChatGPT Foundations: Your AI-Powered Virtual Assistant,” the must-have course for nontechnical employees eager to explore AI and ChatGPT. This engaging course will guide learners through the essentials of using ChatGPT effectively, responsibly, and ethically to enhance productivity and streamline work processes
Through a series of informative videos and hands-on activities, participants will learn how to craft effective prompts, manage AI limitations, and adhere to ethical guidelines while harnessing ChatGPT’s potential. Enrich your LMS offerings by including this essential course and help your workforce take the first step towards smarter, AI-driven solutions with ChatGPT.

Outline Learning Objective:

• Introduction to ChatGPT
• Creating Effective Prompts
• Handling ChatGPT Limitations
• Ethical Considerations and Responsible AI Use
• Wrapping Up…and a Secret