Course Details

Business Fundamentals Part 1


With corporate clients increasingly requiring that external lawyers understand their business, it is crucial that legal practitioners have greater business acumen.

This course follows its companion course “Anatomy of a Corporation” which breaks down the responsibilities of different departments of a typical client corporation and how lawyers can potentially support those functions.

While covering subjects that are typically in a traditional MBA program at a very high-level, this course focuses on general concepts that are most relevant to external counsel without getting into the nitty gritty technical details.

By providing bite-sized business concepts, it focuses on fundamentals that are most useful from the perspective of providing legal services. While this course will not require you to calculate financial ratios, for example, it will provide a general understanding of why certain financial ratios might be important to external counsel providing legal advice to their clients.

With a section at the end of each module on how you can apply the learnings to your practice, this course will help you better understand business parlance which will hopefully improve your service proposition and client relationships.

The course topics include:

· Strategy

· Macro- and Micro-Economics

· Finance and Accounting

Part 2 of the course will include these modules:

· Sales and Marketing

· Human Resources

· Innovation