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Assertiveness skills: The added value

LocationOnline via webex application
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Learning how to become assertive at work is crucial to anyone’s career. Assertiveness helps you earn the respect of your peers and make sure your point of view gets heard. But being assertive and knowing the ins and outs of assertive communication is easier said than done. This is especially true if it doesn’t come to you naturally. This webinar will help you learn assertiveness and stand up for yourself in a way that is healthy and respectful of others. It will also help you learn how it differs from passiveness and aggression and how you can become more assertive in the workplace.

· Market yourself effectively
· Develop a credible image that inspires confidence.
· Reinforce your self-confidence and self-esteem.
· Earn respect from others.

· Understand why people are different.
· Evaluate the impact of assertiveness.
· Identify key disclosure.

· Opening-Expectations
· Behaviour Types (the wheel)
· Describing an Assertive personality: Why people behave differently.
· Recognizing the behaviour
· Overcoming personal assertive difficulties
· Developing Assertiveness: Disclosure skills
· Advantages of Assertiveness
· Becoming more Assertive at work: Controlling anxiety