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Anatomy of a corporation


What are the responsibilities and legal needs of your client’s different departments?

Understanding the functions in a corporation and how you may support them by identifying potential legal or ethical issues that could arise in their departments is key to adding greater value and providing superior service.

According to a LexisNexis report, while solicitors said that identifying the problem and giving the client what they want is the most important attribute for success, it’s their fourth most lacking skill.

With clients increasingly requiring that their external lawyers understand their business especially in volatile market conditions, it is more important than ever to have a better appreciation of the different functions within your client’s company.

Aligning with the departments of a company, the course topics are:

1. Finance & Accounting
2. Human Resources
3. Sales & Marketing
4. Research & Development
5. Procurement
6. IT
7. Legal
8. C-Suite
9. Board of Directors

This course will provide you with a better understanding of your client’s business, enabling you to be a more collaborative partner who can proactively anticipate their needs while identifying potential opportunities to expand the relationship.