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Alternative Dispute Resolution (English Language)

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This course focuses on alternative means of resolving disputes, which meet the requirements of modern business and are already receiving increased attention in various legal and judicial systems.

Areas Covered:
-UAE legislation and its consistency with the prevailing legislative trend in adopting laws validating alternative solutions in the fields of personal status, civil, commercial and labor disputes and through criminal conciliation.
-In-depth and practical study of the negotiation (types, principles, specifications of a successful negotiator, presentation of the stages of negotiation and the tactics of each stage, etc.).
-Emphasis on mediation (with a presentation of its characteristics, types – voluntary or mandatory, ad hoc or institutional – tools of communication between the parties in dispute and useful methods, how to choose the mediator and the characteristics of the mediator, the process of the mediation and its outcome, etc.).
-Presentation of the amicable ways of settling disputes in the FIDIC forms of construction contracts.