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The Principle of Impartiality and Independence in International Arbitration

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***Counts towards the certificate in International Commercial Arbitration***

The course will be delivered by experienced senior lecturers from the University of East Anglia.

Target Audience: Lawyers, in house lawyers, policy makers, and judges

Description: The course unpacks the test of impartiality and independence of the arbitrator, and its implications on the constitution of the tribunal, and the award, under a number of jurisdictions, such as English law, international practice and with reference to the UAE new Arbitration Law 2018.

Areas Covered:

  • Appreciate the need for an impartial and independent tribunal, and how justifiable doubts about the impartiality of the arbitrator affects the constitution of the tribunal, the validity of the arbitral award, and its enforceability under the system of the NYC 1958.
  • Acquire a thorough knowledge of the test used in order to challenge the impartiality of the arbitrator under English law; and with semi comparative reference to the new UAE Federal Law No.6 on Arbitration 2018 (Arbitration Law) and the IBA Guidelines on Conflicts in Interest (2014)
  • Understanding when an arbitrator must disclose relevant facts that raise justifiable doubts about his/her impartiality and Independence.

The courses are delivered either by Dr Youseph Farah or Dr Hakeem Seriki.