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Contract Termination

LocationThe Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, Dubai Legal Professional Development Centre (M), Al Hudaiba Awards Building, Block C, Jumeirah Road,Al Hudaiba, Dubai, UAE

The aim of this course is to understand how to lawfully terminate a contract in the UAE, how to design contractual termination clauses accordingly, and how to formulate potential termination-related claims.

By the end of this course, you will have an understanding of the following:

  • All key features of termination of contracts in the UAE
  • The different regimes of termination of contracts being a consensual termination or a judicial termination
  • The revocation of contract and an appreciation of the difference between revocation and termination
  • The legal controversy around unilateral termination for convenience
  • The termination regime of the contracts of works, or the so called Muqawala contracts
  • The effect of termination on Contractual damages and a number of other significant clauses.

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