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Leading the Multi-Generational Law Firm (Part 1) – PROMO expired

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“A true leader is one who creates a favourable environment to bring out the energy and ability of [their] team. A great leader creates more great leaders, and does not reduce the institution to a single person.” ~ HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

The top 10 skills for 2022, predicted by the World Economic Forum, include “Leadership and social influence” and “Emotional Intelligence”. LinkedIn Learning’s 2020 Workplace Learning Report also identified “leadership and management” as the highest-priority soft skill training that people need in order to succeed at work.

Despite the deleterious consequences of poor management, leadership and management skills are not often taught. This course will explain the importance of leadership, different aspects of emotional intelligence, different leadership styles, and how to lead your multi-generational team in an era of constant change and during a crisis.

More specifically, this course will help you:

• Understand the human and financial impact of poor management.
• Distinguish between different leadership styles and develop your own.
• Apply the building blocks and functions of leadership.
• Strengthen different aspects of emotional intelligence.
• Communicate better to increase employee engagement and drive better performance.
• Differentiate between the needs of each generation to better motivate and engage them.
• Recognize and address challenges leaders face in the Digital Age, including leading during a crisis and managing remote employees.
• Appreciate the human and financial costs of the lack of employee well-being and burnout.
• Implement the different dimensions of well-being at the firm.


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